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About Shreeja Education Society

Shreeja Education Society provides a world class learning environment and scientifically researched curriculum to maximize development of children during the early childhood years and up to their teens. Shreeja believes in providing a rich, stimulating environment using an approach geared to match different learning styles in children.

Education has emerged as one of the major sectors contributing to business opportunities in India with a growing segment of quality-conscious parents. Shreeja actively wants to participate in the growth of country’s educational advancement, we therefore have tied up with the country’s largest, self controlled preschool chain. Shiksha Veritas playgroup and nursery to provide quality preschool education, with Aura group for Abacus and Vedic mathematics. At Shreeja we believe in holistic child development and nourish the arts, crafts, dance, and music skills in the kids. At shreeja we follow the play-way and Montessori method of training for preschool kids while the Picasso Activity Centre is all about identifying and nourishing the skills of the kids through experts from the field. A supervised day care centre Small Buds and tuition classes make sure that we are there from the birth of child to teenage level in complete development through all age groups.

Shreeja thrives to enable children to develop their social, emotional, physical and academic skills resulting in a joy towards learning. We also follow a strong parent participation to make each parent more knowledgeable about child development, behavior pattern and positive guidance techniques.

Our Vision

At Shreeja we aspire to be a leading provider of ‘High quality and affordable’ educational enterprise for day care / preschool / abacus / Vedic mathematics services, which allow children to realize their potential. Our diverse methods based on brain development and interactive learning help provide a child a head start in life.

Our Mission

To be the one point stop for children education and personal development.

To provide quality throughout their learning period and to bring the best out of every kid.


Our Concept

The concept is to develop learning skills in children through the development of arithmetic skills using the abacus, which is an ancient counting and calculating device. Fundamental arithm eticoperationsviz., addition, subtraction, mul- sionare tiplication and divisolved using abacus. Solving arithmetic pr- oblems using an abacus is a skill on its own.When a child solves arithmetic problem using abacus, his KVA (kinesthetic, visual, auditory) skills improve dramatically.With the improvement in KVA skills, the skills required for the mechanics of learning improve.

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